Private antenatal classes 

We provide tailor-made antenatal classes with your personal situation in mind. Whether your pregnancy has been relatively straight forward or there have been added complications, we can provide you with information to feel confident with your journey. Our teachers are experienced in both 'high-risk' and 'low-risk' care, so we can focus on whatever is important to you and your family.

These can be provided in your own home, or a group leaders' home, wherever you feel most comfortable. 

Course content can give you an idea of what we can include in your classes, but please let us know what you are looking for as we can adjust accordingly.

We normally suggest a minimum of 3x 2 hour sessions so we can give you all the most important information. However we are very flexible and can offer full days instead to suit your needs.

We also offer 'revision' sessions for those who have had a baby before.