Welcome to the Real Birth Guide!

To myself and Becky, the idea is simple - to guide new parents-to-be into their journey armed with the real, straightforward, factual information that they want and need, to be able proceed into labour, birth and the postnatal period with confidence. Between us, we believe we have a wealth of knowledge, and we can't wait to share it with you.

At the moment, I keep myself pretty busy... As well as being a Labour Ward Sister at a local unit, I am also studying towards my MSc in Midwifery and Women's Health. I love my job, and my favourite place to be is in the delivery room with the new Mum's and their baby's (sneaking in the odd cuddle whenever I am allowed!). I have to say though, the best bit of every day without a doubt is that moment when the new parents catch that first glimpse of their newborn, and the sheer delight and overwhelming emotion on their faces! The privilege of being able to witness that moment again and again never gets old! As much as I love that moment though, I really believe that my job is to get them to that moment, feeling in control, informed and empowered every step of the way.

My main experience as a midwife is with high risk care - this means looking after ladies and their babies who have any number of problems... anything from diabetes to premature labour. I have worked in high dependency care with very unwell mum's and babies, as a clinical lecturer at a medical school teaching final year student doctors, in New Zealand as a 'high-risk' midwife, and even been part of a helicopter retrieval team. However I love low-risk care as well, and I still sometimes work in the local birth-centre and facilitate pool births. I strive to normalise experiences wherever I can. 

Within The Real Birth Guide, I want to use my knowledge to enable you and your partner to feel fully prepared for birth, and to feel confident and empowered rather than worried or anxious. As well as being able to help you to plan for the birth you want, I will also be able to help you be prepared for the alternatives. I will also be able to offer you individualised information, especially if you already know things might be a little more complicated for you.

I look forward to meeting you soon!