Without hypnobirthing I don't think I would of stored enough energy in early labour and been so relaxed at 6cm! Because of this I am sure this is why I still had the power to push and avoid a c-section at the end! 
Thank you again!!! I could not recommend you enough!!! 

J. First time Mum. Attended KG Hypnobirthing with The Real Birth Guide.

We had four sessions which covered extensively hypnobirthing breathing, the anatomy of labour, setting up the wider labour environment for you, and specific techniques to support you through the labour experience.
Without a doubt, the breathing practices learned in yoga and hypnobirthing as well as the relaxation scripts learned in hypnobirthing greatly helped me during labour. My husband benefited too from having an improved understanding of the labour process and being familiar with the hypnobirthing breathing and scripts, and therefore was able to support me very well with these techniques during labour. 
Thank you Rocci and Becky!
L. First time Mum. Attended Rocci Yoga and The Real Birth Guide KG Hypnobirthing.

I could NOT have done this without hypnobirthing! I felt SO relaxed, I spent five hours at home on my birthing hall, doing my breathing exercises with candles, my TENS and music playing really loudly.
I remember it all, and looking back on it now, although incredibly intense, it was the most amazing experience. I vividly remember her coming down the birth canal.
Thank you so so much, I could not have done this without you. Next time I will definitely consider a home birth.
R. First time Mum. Attended KG Hypnobirthing with The Real Birth Guide.

I managed the whole thing with a pool, some well rehearsed breathing, gas and air, an incredibly supportive husband and some paracetamol.
The support that you gave both of us, but especially my husband, really made the difference. He knew what to say when and how to help me and how to make sure that the midwives knew how best to help me.
The time we spent with you made me calmer and more positive going into the labour and even the midwives commented on how amazing my husband was at coaching me through.
V. First time Mum. Attended KG Hypnobirthing with The Real Birth Guide. 

I just wanted to say thank you really - for everything - I can’t explain just how positive your influence and that of hypnobirthing was on me and my husband at the precious time of the birth of our daughter. I’d recommend you to anyone.

The birth did have some complications such a forceps and blood loss, but even with these birth “imperfections”, I still feel hugely positive about my experience and can look back and feel proud of what we achieved - I feel very lucky and the things I learned in hypnobirthing really helped me to feel that way.

S. Second time Mum. Attended a Private KG Hypnobirthing Course. 


Just to let you know I had a baby boy on Friday and I really felt like the hypnobirthing was amazing for me. In the initial stages of labour it comforted me and I was able to relax through the contractions. When I was in the birthing pool I had the tracks on in the background from the word go. Even when the tracks finished I noticed the silence and urged my husband to put it on again. I was able to slip in and out of listening to it and although it didn’t relieve pain, at times I felt so positive about the experience and urged myself on. Also leading up to the labour I struggled to sleep, it helped me to nod off at all hours of the night. I will be telling my friends about my experience. It was such a positive one, I didn’t tear or need stitches and I only had gas and air and towards the last 2 hours I didn’t need anything I just concentrated on my visualisations and breathing. So thank you for your help!! The three week course changed my experience and my husband was very understanding and supportive.
Hollie. First time Mother. Attended our Pregnancy Preparation Classes with The Rocci Tree. 


Thank you!!