Course content

See below for our group class content. Private antenatal classes can have similar content or be tailored to your needs.

Week 1 (2 hours)

  • Introduction

Who are we and who are you? What are we going to get up to in the next few weeks?

  • The antenatal period

What normally happens? When will I have scans? When will I see my midwife? Will I see a doctor? What are normal movements? When should I be worried? What blood tests will I have?

  • Labour

What's it like? What's normal? When should I call someone? When will my waters break? What are the first, second and third stages? Where should I give birth? What should I bring with me?

  • Coping with labour

Breathing techniques, coping at home, support from partners, positions.

Week 2 (2 hours)

  • Pain relief

What's available? What are the positives and negatives? 

  • Birth plan

What are my choices? What shall I write down? What do I need to decide?

  • When it doesn't go to plan

What If I have to be induced? What's meconium? What if my labour doesn't progress as it should? What if I have to be put on a monitor?

  • Alternative birth methods

Episiotomies, ventouse, forceps and caesareans.

  • The rest

Will I need stitches? How long will I have to stay?

Week 3 (2 hours)

Less theory and more HOW!?

  • Breastfeeding

Why and how!

  • Bottle feeding

The balanced argument and how to do it safely.

Including practical demonstrations of how to make up a feed.

Week 4 (2 hours)

  • Postnatal period

What to expect and how to cope

Examples of postnatal rhythms 


  • Possible postnatal equipment

What has worked for me and how to use it

Daily baby care; including practical demonstrations of key skills.

  • Postnatal groups

What's out there and why they're great!

  • Postnatal challenges

What is it, what's normal and what isn't

SIDS guidance.


Week 5 (A little while later) (1 hour or more!)

  • The catch up!

Meet the new little ones!

How was it?  How are you getting on? Is there anything you want to ask us?