It's Okay

The cost of baby clothes and toys can be super expensive. But, you know what, it's okay to buy them second hand. Babies grow so quickly and move on from toys just as fast. I'm finding, that like weddings, as soon as it 'baby' related the price just JUMPS up!! It's like they know that you will need to buy it, so they go crazy on the price!

At first I was worried that I was being cheap, but I quickly realised that I was just being practical. There's very little that a hot clothes was and an antibacterial wipe can't solve.

Good places to look are your local selling sites on Facebook, both baby and non baby related, NCT nearly new sales, EBay and Gumtree. 

I also find Super markets are a great place to get the basics, such as baby grows and vests. Leaving the budget to invest in the everyday wears. 

Recently, on my local selling site I got a V-tech baby walker for £3!? You would not even know that it was second hand.

So, shop around, buying second hand doesn't make us any less great!