Products I Love

The Phil and Ted Escape baby carrier was worth every penny for us! 

As a family we went away to the Lake District at Easter. We got up early, made packed lunches and were out the door for a hike most days, only returning at about dinner time. As parents, we try to adopt the philosophy that where we go, Ez comes too. For this to work when climbing mountains, we needed something reliable and of good quality. The Phil and Ted baby carrier certainly met these criteria. It was comfortable for both baby and parent and Ez was happy in it; even when walks lasted over six hours! It allowed Ez to be carried safely across, up and down all types of terrain. It was comfortable enough that he napped in it easily. We now use it on the dog walks back at home; since he learned to crawl, he seems to find the pram dull!

Features of the baby carrier that made it all so easy: 

- It has good back support mechanisms, with a padded belt for hip and back

- Head and neck support for child

-Detachable bag

- Facility for a water pocket for the thirsty parent


- Sun and rain protection

- A stand which holds the carrier upright, so it can be managed by one person

I really do rate this carrier and I'm so glad we got it. From the picture, I think that Ez is too!