Products I Love

He is on the move! Wow, I was not ready for this, but loving it! It is so fun seeing where he wants to go and choose which toys he wants to play with.

Below are products that I have got straight away. Basically, I am just trying to keep him out of harms way, whilst he is on mini adventures! 

Wall plug covers- he went straight for these, so needed to get them covered up asap. 

Foam tube- to cover the fire hearth edge. Might sound over kill, but in our living room it's a must! 

Blind Cords- hooked up and out of the way. There are a scary number of blind cord related accidents each year. 

Hot drinks out of reach. 

 Furniture- think about the furniture. What is stable if he were to pull himself up on it? Get that Ikea furniture fixed to the wall! 

Play Pen- this is somewhere that I can put him and put the kettle on, go for a wee etc and know that he is safe.  I've got mine on eBay, you really don't have to spend a fortune. 

Stair Gates- they move faster than you think, so get ready! 

Door latches- for the kitchen doors. 

Cleaning Products- stored securely or out of reach. Remember the bleach behind the toilet!  

Along with the safety stuff I have quickly got a National Trust Memebership and a local soft play membership. These are two places where I can let him safely explore and crawl his energy out!

Get ready, because once they go, they go!