It's Okay

Are you finding yourself making comparing your baby with others? Are you worrying if something is wrong? Many mums do. Friends and relatives will always ask if they are doing 'X' yet. 

It's okay for children to develop at different rates in different areas. Some get the babbling down to a fine art of baby conversation first and then figure out the moving skills after, or vice versa. Often it can be a little view into their character as to what they master first!

I have listed out below what is considered to be the normal age ranges for babies to meet each new skill. Often, seeing the normal age ranges can be reassuring to mums.  

Sitting without support: 6-9 months.

Crawling: 9-13 months.

Walking: 13-18 months.

Babbling: by 10 months. A couple of single words by a year.

Sometimes it can be useful to take a step back and look at your baby's environment and ask some questions. Are there opportunities here for them to develop their next skill? Is the dummy in a little too much? Could I move the coffee table? Do I need to let him/her explore more independently under supervision? Am I reading them stories? Are you taking them to local sing and song groups or soft play areas? These are just some suggestions. Often we are already doing these things and your baby just needs their own time to figure it all out! The trick is to not compare your baby to others; we all have our own way of doing things.

If you have any worries of concerns have a chat with your Health Visitor or GP.