It's Okay

It's okay to use Hypnobirthing throughout your pregnancy and birth. Sometimes there's still a stigma attached to Hypnobirthing, that it's a bit 'out there', but it's just about focusing on moving from possible anxiety about birth to developing a calm confidence. Evidence shows that this increases your chance of a natural birth.

I don't know about you, but I find that people love telling their birth horror stories. It's almost becomes like a game of Top Trumps. Often, the people who don't have a horror story to share stay quiet. I am all for people telling their birth stories, but I think that we have to be careful about who we tell them to. Sharing bad experiences with an expectant mother or someone who may one day go on to have children isn't kind. It brings out fear and worry and when their time comes, this is recalled and induces a state of anxiety about birth.

A fearful state of mind in labour hinders the body's natural ability to birth. Where the mind goes, the body follows. So, if you are worried, your body tenses up with adrenaline, hindering your natural labour hormones (oxytocin) and natural pain refelief (endorphins). 

In Hypnobirthing, we use relaxation techniques and positive language to replace fear with positive truth about labour. We also share the facts about the body, labour and maternity services. By understanding how birth works we can reduce the fear of the unknown. Instead of anxiety, you can be sure in the truth that your body and baby know what they are doing. Hypnobirthing does not guarantee the 'perfect' birth, but it does enable you to have the best birth for yourself. 

It is also great for birth partners!

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