It's Okay

It's okay to not find weaning your baby onto food the easiest thing, in fact sometimes in can be almost soul destroying!  

It's completely normal for some days baby to look at you with eyes of aqusation, like the food you have provided is poisonous. Then there are the other glorious days where they just inhale the food before you in even blink! Some babies never have food issues and are a food ninja, others, not so much! 

Try to remember that in their first year, meal times are just explorative fun. The more we keep it fun and easy, even when our patience is wearing, the easier it will be in the long run. Some top tips that help me day to day: 

Recongnise the phases. Currently, Ez is not enjoying spoon feeding, so he is feeding himself...which has taken some real imagination.  www.mylittlelunchbox and Deliciously Ella are really helpful!

If they give the 'no' que, don't push it. This will only make them associate meal times with stress.

Keep it fun with singing and eating with them.

Put a little of something new alongside a larger ratio amount of something you know they enjoy. For babies this reduces the possible worry of something new. 

Know that when they are teething they will most likely be really funny with food, refusing what they would normally love and eating smaller amounts. When they are teething their sensitivity to taste and textures is heightened, plus their gums are so tender! Would you eat with tooth ache!?

I don't offer another option if he doesn't eat, I just offer him initial variety.  

If he doesn't eat his savoury, I don't with hold the sweet. All this does is make the savoury the chore and the sweet the treat in a babies mind! 

On average, it takes a baby 15 times of trying something before they will eat it properly. 

This is just a phase, keep it positive! See it as a game and enjoy! You're not doing it wrong.