It's Okay

I saw this excellent Pinterest pin the other day. It was a picture of Katniss from The Hunger Games doing a salute pose, with the added slogan of 'when I see a Mother whose child is having a tantrum in public'. I love this idea of a community supporting each other in those trickier moments, instead of judging. 

You know what, it's Okay if your baby cries in public, don't feel the pressure that babies "should be seen and not heard". Instead, take your time to see what baby is saying. It's okay if your toddler has a full-on melt down for some unexplainable reason; let them and take it from there. Don't feel the pressure that you must be parenting wrong if your child has a tantrum, often it's just part of them growing up. In fact, once upon a time, the people who give us those judging stares were most likely a baby or a toddler crying or having a tantrum  themselves! 

Let people think what they think, we are parenting and it's just messy at times. This doesn't mean that we are getting it wrong.