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Always loosing one of  baby's shoes, are they kicking them off or do shoes just disappear infront of your very eyes?! After trying many many shoes I've found the solution!

Dotty Fish knows how to make a baby shoe. 100% the best and competitively priced. Across the top of the bootie is an ingenious piece of elastic that actually keeps the shoe on! They have lovely soft  linings, so really comfortable for baby. My son has lived in them throughout the autumn and winter, remaining nice and snug!

These have been my go to present for other babies and the parents always come back to me raving about them, asking where they are from and saying that they are the only pair of booties that stay on! When babies are not all that mobile don't buy lots of foot wear options, just by one or two that work well, because they are usually on just for going inbetween places and then they are off to play!  

Dotty Fish have lots of cute designs, but we went for the suede slippers, which have been great. I'm planning on getting a soft leather pair from Dotty Fish for the spring.


 Suede Slippers.   image taken from Dotty Fish

Suede Slippers. 

image taken from Dotty Fish