It's Okay

It's okay to go away with your friends whenever you are ready! 

Going away for a day, a night or a weekend can be the best tonic. Some can do it sooner than others, others need more time. There is no right or wrong time, more often than not you come back more energised and ready to take on the day to day of being a Mum.

Somes parents are made to feel guilty for having time away and the others are made to feel silly that they don't feel able to have time away from their baby yet. When in fact, only the parents themselves know what they and their baby are ready for.

For me, I had to slowly build myself up to having time away from our baby. First we just went for a drink at the pub only 6 doors down, then we went out for dinner 10 minutes down the road, then we went to the cinema half an hour away and so on and so on. Eventually, I went for a day away and my husband looked after Ezra, then I had a night away with the girls. At the minute that is the maximum I can do without wanting to be back with him. The next stage is for my husband and I to be away for a night and Ezra to be with a trusted family member, although I'm not sure we are brave enough yet!

Actually, the times I have had some Mum time off, it's been really nice to come back and see how happy and comfortable Ezra has been.

Ultimatey, only you know when and how to have a break and that's okay.