It's Okay

It's okay to go to baby groups as much or as little as you like! It's also okay to turn up late rather than not go. 

Baby groups, whether you love, hate or are ambivilent about them, are something that will be on offer to you aplenty!  

I sit happily on the fence about baby groups. Some days Ezra and I are up for them, other times we would rather stay at home and hang out with each other. There are other days when I need to get on with some errands and jobs. Often, on the days I give the groups a miss, I have to ignore the little guilt fairy and instead remember that Ezra is just fine not going to a group. 

I used to find some of the groups a bit cliquey. However, I soon just decided that it was okay to just go up and introduce myself to people, as often they are just eager to introduce themselves.  

Eventually, we found our favourite groups and stuck with them. Messy Play is a huge favourite and since going Ezra's eating skills have come on leaps and bounds. Our other favourite is Water Babies. I swear if he could, he would run into the pool when he sees it; he gets that excited!  Both groups have been great at supporting developmental skills, including opportunities to play with other babies. 

Find what works for you and what you both enjoy and go with it. There really is no right or wrong way.