It's okay

Cut yourself some slack

Is it just me or does some advice about childbirth and parenting sound like someone is wagging their finger at you? “You mustn't do this”, “you need to do that”, followed by a judging and convicting frown is too often the experience of expectant or new parents. This can even come from well-meaning and lovely people.

I’m passionate about providing parents with real information, with no presumed expectation of the ‘perfect birth’. We can help you to prepare and meet your labour with confidence but each birth is unique, with no universally correct or incorrect way of doing it. Equally, once baby is here, you don't need to have it all sorted and perfect; that isn’t the reality of life. Tragically, mums who aren't being ‘real’ can sometimes feel like isolated failures.

As mums, it's ok to cut ourselves some slack. When we are honest and make ourselves vulnerable, real communities of support build. If we let go of the ‘perfect’ dream we might realise how well we are actually doing.