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Dr Brown bottles were like our miniature heroes in those early months! 

Ez had colic for a bit and it was these bottles, along with some other strategies, which helped ease this and make him more comfortable. I know that they don't work for everyone, but now having had a colicky baby, I get the need to try something that might help! Dr Brown bottles helped to reduce wind-like symptoms through an internal vent system that reduced the air passing from the bottle to Ez. 

Colic is defined as a baby who cries and cries and cries most evenings with signs of trapped wind. Ez would clench his fists, bring his knees up to his chest and arch his back due to the wind being stuck in his tummy. We could have almost set our clocks by it starting each evening. Other things that helped were baby massage, baths, a baby carrier, dummy, tagging in and out with the hubby, going for walks, anti colic drops and oddly...singing Christmas carols?! Hey, you find what works for your baby and you go with it right?!

Colic, it can be really tough, so ask for help from friends, families, health professionals. Don't try and manage it alone. Know that ultimately, it will pass and become a distant memory. 


Dr Brown Bottles

 Image taken from Dr Browns website. 

Image taken from Dr Browns website.