The Pram

So, the Pram: the big buy! I spent a long long time looking at all the options and became one of those annoying human pram encyclopaedias; it became a bit all encompassing! To save you and your partner from this madness, I've shared my top picks. Please see links for full specifications.

Phil and Ted The Dot V3

We went for this Pram. It lets us walk our large crazy Labrador each day (come rain or shine), nosey round the shops and pack easily into the car. It's fantastic, being so versatile, but still light weight and easy to put up and down.

This three wheeler is great for the country life, goes across rough ground easily and comfortably for baby.  The tyres are not filled with air, so no annoying punctures.

It is a three in one combination. You can have a baby bassinet, you can have a slight recline chair (parent facing) and you can put it into a pushchair setting (outward facing). 

With adaptors a car seat can be fitted on. 

For me, having to buy a new travel system, when/if baby number two comes along, was not an option. This pram will accommodate 2 children, which is brilliant!

It was also really well priced, sitting mid range amongst the travel system market. 

Below are my other favourite travel systems and the points that I think sets them apart, along with a link to their websites for full details.

Uppa Baby Vista

We were so close to buying this Pram, and if it wasn't for mad daily dog walks we would have gone for it. Although I have heard that it is pretty good on a gentle ramble as it is shock absorbent. Kis always look super comfy in it.

Car seats can be put in with adaptors.  

Really good bassinet. 

Countless seats arrangements for both babies and toddlers.  

Gorgeous choice of colours.

I always envy its huge shopping basket at the bottom and brilliant shade canopy. 

It accommodates up to two children.

Check out the link below for full details.

Baby Jogger City Select

Despite the name, not for jogging!

These travel systems are fab.  They have so many configurations, accommodates up to two children.

Forever air tyres so good on varied terrain.

The City Select HyChair allows you to use the seat of the Baby Jogger City Select as a high chair. The HyChair securely fits to most table tops and fold compactly to fit in your under sear basket when not in use. What a brilliant idea!? Obviously only for use when baby is 6 months and up with good sitting skills. 

Seats have multiple recline options, which is good for easily making baby comfortable. 

Folds down to be super compact.


The Pram of my dreams, but out of my price range. But a girl can dream hey!? 

They are just beautiful and of such good quality. The buggaboo travel systems have all the trimmings, bassinet, car seat compatibility, all terrain models, Prams for a growing family, city versions, multiple seat combinations...just great. The all terrain model. The model for a growing family.


Ultimately, there is no right Pram for us all, it's about figuring out with one suits your life style. Good questions to think about: do you live in the country or town, do you want it do for next child too, do you need to it go round shops easily, what's your budget, how big is your car boot etc...

My two go to places to help me figure it out were the John Lewis travel system buying guide and a local store Groovy Baby. See links:  Currently 10% off.