Hello! I am so excited to be starting this journey. Guiding parents with real and honest information is my passion and I believe it empowers us to both own and be proud of our stories.

I'm coming to The Real Birth Guide with both professional  and personal experience. Being qualified as both a Midwife and a Health Visitor, and having trained as a Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing practitioner (check out What is KG Hypnobirthing?) I have a wealth and breadth of experience to offer. Also, now being a Mum myself to the gorgeous Ezra I have been able to live it out in the real world, which has been the best and hardest thing that I've ever done and has enriched both my knowledge and experience.

Professional knowledge gave me a great foundation for becoming a mum. Having Jenn (see about Jenn) deliver my son was so reassuring and Iā€™d describe the labour as epic. This might sound weird but it is honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I knew what was happening, trusted the support I was getting and relaxed  into it. I allowed my body do what it needed to do and our beautiful son (a mighty 8lbs 9ozs) was born in the pool in under 6 hours. This isn't to say that you can avoid all complication and difficulty in childbirth through knowledge and approach but being armed with it can help you to feel in control. In-depth antenatal support can help so much with this.

Not many women have the experience to give them the confidence that they need in their labours. Being the parent of a newborn is also incredibly challenging. Despite in-depth knowledge from health visiting, I found the first sleep-deprived months lovely and hard in equal measure. Expectations from society, family and even from myself were tough to manage. I also felt that the antenatal classes that my husband and I attended (in order to meet friends in our new area) didn't give new parents everything they needed. With my professional knowledge, use of Hypnobirthing and new experience, I felt that I could do so much better.

So here I am starting The Real Birth Guide with Jenn. Throughout my career, I have been passionate about helping women prepare for childbirth and parenting in an honest and non-judgemental way. This has only been further fuelled  by my own experience. I believe in the importance of parents being given proper and thorough information in a simple and straight forward manner and this sits at the heart of our antenatal classes. Through The Real Birth Guide I hope to support you in feeling prepared, confident and informed during your pregnancy.